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06/22/2015 11:52AM, Published by Aubray Onderik, Categories:

by: Miriam Landru

            Doctors in the All-America City have given birth to a skincare company that has gone global, seeing great success in the Far East.

            Fayettevillian, Dr. Mark Miller, a respected plastic surgeon who is now retired from the practice, founded Dermasensa. In 2011, Dr. Miller was looking for another project to help others. His son, who lives in China, introduced him to Lewis Green, a former Hollywood screenwriter who was doing market research in China. From there, the professional partnership began. And why not begin to sell in China, the most populous country in the world, in need of great skincare products.

            Dermasensa products are American made and manufactured in Florida, California and Arizona. Then, the products are sent in bulk to packaging companies who send the product to China.

            “It’s an incredible market,” said Dr. Miller. “It is very difficult for many American anti-acne companies to sell in China because of their high benzoyl peroxide content. Our products have all been approved by the Chinese government.”

            Dr. Miller feels that Dermasensa is the best skincare brand on the market.  “We use the latest and most advanced peptides from Switzerland. We use brand ingredients and not generic so we can ensure it is the most effective.  We have done clinical studies so we can make sure people like our product. The smell, how it feels how effective it is, etc.,” explained Dr. Miller.

            Dermasensa is a cosmeceutical skincare line. This simply means it fuses together the best of the cosmetic and pharmaceutical worlds.  Dr. Miller stressed that nearly all cosmeceutical lines have a team of one or two doctors behind them. Dermasensa has over 20. They strive to have a well-rounded team of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists and other medical professionals. Fifteen of these doctors are from Fayetteville.  “There’s a lot of integrity behind it,” he said.  Dr. Edward Dickerson of Cape Fear Aesthetics confessed, “It’s great to work on a skincare line with experts.” The Dermasensa products are skin type specific and including cleansers, toners, masques, eye creams, serums, sunscreens and more. Their “signature product” is UP, a serum they call “wrinkle blocker in a bottle.”

            Next up for Dermasensa is a strong entrance into the U.S. skincare market. Though the product is already sold locally at Cape Fear Aesthetics and E’lan Med Spa, in the coming months the product will be fully available online at Their hope is to enter department stores in the coming year.  “Fayetteville and Dermasensa have already gone global,” said Dr. Miller. “We know it is going to be competitive, but we are ready.”

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