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CityView July/August 2015

07/10/2015 01:25PM, Published by Aubray Onderik, Categories: Today

Gallery: The Men's Issue [1 Image] Click any image to expand.

Editor's Note:


                We can’t live with them.

Their grooming habits, their fishing trips, their obscene appetites, the way they always have to be right. Oh, the patriarchy!

                But, we can’t live without them either.

They are our fathers, our husbands, our wonderful employees, our artists, our church and community leaders...

They are the men we love.

                In our inaugural Men’s Issue, we highlight what is simply amazing about Fayetteville gentlemen, young and old, across the street or in heaven.

                I don’t want to divulge too much…. But flip the page and binge-read this issue. I promise it won’t be too much of a challenge.

My Friend Cliff - 07/10/2015 12:28PM

The Making of Men - 07/10/2015 12:30PM

The Beard Buzz - 07/10/2015 12:32PM

The Leader - 07/10/2015 12:33PM

Homes on Hay Street - 07/10/2015 12:35PM

MAN VS. FOOD - 07/10/2015 12:37PM

Pops and Robbers - 07/10/2015 12:39PM

Otrebla’s - 07/10/2015 12:41PM

The Business of Blessings - 07/10/2015 12:43PM

I’ll See You at Cliff’s Bar - 07/10/2015 12:44PM

From Kenai, Alaska to Carteret County - 07/10/2015 12:45PM

Gentlemen Deconstructed - 07/10/2015 12:47PM

Inside Fayetteville - 07/10/2015 12:54PM

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