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Chat Slang

02/24/2016 02:56PM ● Published by Jennifer Gonzalez

Gallery: They Don’t Want You to Know the Major Keys to Chat Slang [1 Image] Click any image to expand.

By: Grant Bennett

In an age of technological advancement, my peers have the resources to ultimately change lives with the click of a button. Through texting and social media, an entire new form of communication has evolved. From Twitter to iMessages, every aspect of our lives has ultimately been shaped by technology. Furthermore, the slang we use to pass along information has transitioned with it. One of the biggest phrases to come out of 2015 was created by musical artist DJ Khaled on the app, Snapchat. Daily he snaps inspirational videos, adventures and events with his celebrity friends. He talks about the “major keys to success” and what “they” (any oppositional force) don’t want you to have. With over two million users watching his snap stories, it’s easy to say Khaled’s life has become popular amongst the younger generation.

And so, here is a guide on what they don’t want you to know about modern slang and I’ll give you the major keys to success on actually understanding what teens are saying in the streets and in the school hallway.

First things first, do not say cool, awesome or fun. Instead say, it’s lit. If an idea, song, event or person is any of those words you say “lit.” Lit has become one of the most used words in social media or texting. Anytime you suddenly lose the urge to do something or something become uninteresting, then you say it is dead. If the something is the exact opposite of lit, its dead (not literally in a coffin, but figuratively speaking). Turning up means having a good time and turning down means chill out and relax. Anytime you decide to do something fun, whether it’s to go to the gym to workout or go on a date, its considered a move. An example would be that homework is never the move and that going to Buffalo Wild Wings during an NFL game is the move. The family, friends or support people you can’t live without are your squad and members usually go by squad names. Names can spark from their actual name such as “G Robbo” for Robert or their athletic number such as “12” for my friend, Raymond.  Family slang words like bruh (instead of brother), cuz (instead of cousin) and ma dukes (instead of mother) have been trending for a while.

When you text be sure to utilize your emojis, they can show more emotions than most words can imply in a message. If food is good, you say it is hitting and if you’re feeling a song you say it’s fire. If you watch Carolina Panthers football, you often see Cam Newton dab for a touchdown dance. Dabbing has become one of the nation’s most popular dances and it can be used at any time you want to celebrate.

The majority of the slang used nowadays stem from the steady growing social media world. As a teenager, the majority of the modern words that we use were universalized through apps such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Every so often, a popular vine or video blows up and usually has a lit saying that goes viral, with that being said there are two main keys to mastering the modern form of slang. Like every other skill, you have to practice using new words.  If you’re not used to some sayings, have a slang coach (a teen) to guide you through what is or isn’t okay to say. Any teenager can give you the okay, on what words fit well in places and which ones you should never use again. The easiest way to incorporate words into your life are by adding them in your everyday conversations. Instead of saying “Hello”, say “Wassup Fam” and instead of saying “Goodbye” say “Deuces.”  When you celebrate, instead of high fiving somebody… dab!

The originality in the music industry has a huge influence on what stays relevant in the media. Most artists have been the inspiration of many of the words teenagers use on a daily basis. Along with practicing your words the other main key of slang, is originality. Our accents, voices and dialects have always been a depiction of where we come from and slang is similar in lots of ways. In this case practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect because the slang you use is a reflection of you. Fayetteville native J. Cole is known as one of the most influential rappers in world. He recently aired an HBO special of his Homecoming Concert performed at the Crown Coliseum. Dreamville, the Ville, Fayettenam and 2-6 are phrases that he quotes regularly in his music and have remained popular trademarks for the city. Dreamville is the name of his record label, inspired by his childhood dream of becoming a rap star. Fayettenam is referring to the city’s connection with Fort Bragg and was made during the 1960s by people who opposed shipping US troops from the military base to the Vietnam War. 2-6 usually followed by ANNT (to employ cop sirens) was coined because of our connection of the 2-6 infantry and Cumberland County being the 26th county established in the state. All of these phrases positively embody the city’s culture and are now known world-wide. Each of the slogans has their own specific significance yet they all manifest and embrace the reality of living in our city.

Chat slang is not much different than everyday vernacular. There are some phrases that should not be said and some words we like to use more than others, but at the end of the day we decide what we say. Slang is not for everybody but it never hurts to try new things especially if you have the opportunity to do it with the people around you.

Now that you know what they don’t want you to say, you hold a major key to success!

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