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Brother & Sister

08/25/2017 ● By Jenny Harris

William “Wesley” and Holly Elizabeth. He prefers Wesley, really. He does not like the name William and will not respond to any derivations, like “Bill,” “Willy,” or “Billy.”

3 Tips for Pet Parents and Their Pooches to Eat Clean

07/26/2017 ● By Jenny Harris

The “clean eating” lifestyle has grown in popularity, and now it’s making its way to pet food.

10 Steps to Prep Your Pet for Travel

05/24/2017 ● By Jennifer Gonzalez

When summer comes around, a common favorite tradition is jumping in the car and hitting the open road for a vacation, whether it’s a weekend getaway or a longer excursion.

A Purr-fect Season to Adopt

05/22/2017 ● By Jenny Harris

Cute as kittens are, kitten season often emerges as one of the most challenging times of the year for animal welfare organizations.

3rd Annual Fayetteville Pet Fest

05/22/2017 ● By Jennifer Gonzalez

The 3rd Annual Fayetteville Pet Fest was held on the weekend of May 20-21, 2017 at Naturally Unleashed Pet Nutrition Center on Boone Trail.

Prepare for Your Puppy’s 1st Outdoor Adventure

05/17/2017 ● By Jennifer Gonzalez

When there’s a new, adorable puppy in the house, it can be difficult to know what to do next.

Giving: Horses That Heal

05/10/2017 ● By Jennifer Gonzalez

Stemming from Avalon Counseling, Deb’s private practice, Horses That Heal (HTH) is the Foley’s nonprofit focused on providing the opportunity for all veterans to receive equine assisted psychotherapy at no cost.

Pet Corner: Snakes for Pets

05/02/2017 ● By Jennifer Gonzalez

As with any animal, careful research and consideration of a snake’s needs should be taken into consideration to determine if the having a snake is the right fit for your home and lifestyle.

Pet Corner: David Slugaj and “59”

05/02/2017 ● By Jennifer Gonzalez

Meet David Slugaj (a/k/a “Tonga” or “Tongasaurus”) and his Coastal Queensland Carpet Python named “59”

Senior Living: Life, Love & Companionship

05/02/2017 ● By Jennifer Gonzalez

For the elderly, pets can be a welcome companion.