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Back-to-School Power for Body and Mind

By Jenny Harris, 08/07/2017, Categories: CV Family

Nutritious, well-rounded meals are essential for growth and proper brain development.

Start a Successful School Year with a Balanced Breakfast

By Jenny Harris, 07/21/2017, Categories: CV Family

As kids get ready to start a new school year, moms are also getting back into the swing of a morning routine.

Food: A History of the Summer Man Meal

By Jenny Harris, 07/18/2017, Categories: Today

Chicken. Hot sauce. Beer. Loaded tater tots. I did extensive research and these few words were common among pre-civilized man.

Easy Eating

By Jenny Harris, 07/06/2017, Categories:

Change your warm-weather dining habits up a bit with this recipe for Ruby Beet Chicken Salad Skewers.

4 Infused Waters to Sip on this Summer

By Jenny Harris, 06/21/2017, Categories:

As we find the need to stay hydrated, grab some sparkling water and some fruit or veggies to create one of these recipes!

Rethink Your Drink This Summer

By Jenny Harris, 06/12/2017, Categories:

From barbecues and birthdays to concerts and cookouts, summertime is the perfect time of year to bring everyone together.

Simple, Healthy Summer Snacks

By Jennifer Gonzalez, 05/19/2017, Categories:

As temperatures climb and summer sets in, a slight change in diet can help maintain energy without overfilling on hot days.

Tips for Baby’s 1st Foods

By Jennifer Gonzalez, 05/09/2017, Categories:

There are endless exciting firsts in your baby’s life, from the first smile and laugh, to the first time he or she sits up or speaks.

Good Eats: Picnic in the Park

By Jennifer Gonzalez, 05/02/2017, Categories: CV Family

Here is a list of our favorite places to picnic around town.

6 Sizzling Barbecue Swaps

By Jennifer Gonzalez, 05/02/2017, Categories:

Barbecue, grilling, cookout – no matter what you call it, cooking food over an open flame is practically an American pastime.