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Welcoming a Puppy Home

01/09/2017 ● By Jennifer Gonzalez

Nothing is more heartwarming than the first warm nuzzle from a new puppy.

Keep Pets Safe, Healthy During the Holidays

12/20/2016 ● By Jennifer Gonzalez

The holiday season is synonymous with family gatherings, dinner parties, gift openings and plenty of festive food, all of which can pose challenges for pets.

Manage Your Pet’s Diabetes with Home Care

12/20/2016 ● By Jennifer Gonzalez

Like people, dogs and cats can suffer from diabetes. In fact, this disease is on the rise among dogs and cats.

Kitty Christmas

12/08/2016 ● By Jennifer Gonzalez

While planning for the holiday festivities and solidifying your shopping list, don’t forget perhaps the most deserving recipient – your cat.

Pet Profile Featured Pet Bodie

11/28/2016 ● By Jennifer Gonzalez

Family pets are just that - family! And here at CityView Family one special pet gets featured each issue. This issue it's all about Bodie! Learn more about how this dog sings!

7 Tips to Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy

10/04/2016 ● By Jennifer Gonzalez

Dogs are man’s best friend, so it’s no surprise that in the United States there are nearly 80 million dogs as household pets1 - that’s about one dog for every four people.

5 Tips to Bond with Your Dog this Fall

10/04/2016 ● By Jennifer Gonzalez

Dogs are up for anything. They’re your “pawtners” in crime, ready to take on new activities or just the standard walk down the street.

Pet Corner Featured Pet: Stagger

09/19/2016 ● By Jennifer Gonzalez

As part of CityView Family Pet Corner we feature one amazing pet in our community and their owner. Get your furry friend or exotic pet featured by emailing

Festive Feline Fun for the Holidays

09/12/2016 ● By Jennifer Gonzalez

Your feline family members give their companionship and (sometimes begrudging) affection all year long.

Get Picky About Pet Food

09/12/2016 ● By Jennifer Gonzalez

When a beloved family pet experiences health problems, it can take a toll on the whole family.