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Wait Until Dark

Categorized as: Comedy & Theater
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This play is best known for the 1967 film adaptation starring Audrey Hepburn. An apartment in 1960s Greenwich Village becomes the site of theater’s most terrifying game of cat and mouse. A group of con-men manipulate, Susy, an unsuspecting blind woman in an attempt to reclaim a very valuable doll they believe she is hiding. When the doll can’t be found, the situation spirals out of control. With murder afoot and suspense building, the woman deftly decides to wait until dark, in an attempt to outwit her assailants. The thrills begin when the lights go out, and the chilling conclusion is: what you can’t see can, indeed, hurt you.

Who Will Love It? Thrill seekers. Audiences who love good ol’ fashioned plays with great plots where you don’t know who is outsmarting whom. Adrenaline junkies and people who like stage combat. With some adult themes we give this a PG13 rating.

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