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Finding Peace with PTSD Book Signing Event
Meet and greet with the author, Joanna Nunez, LCSW


No one ever has a perfect family life. As a licensed clinical social worker, Joanna begins working with Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans and learns about the in-depth horrors of combat zone traumas and unforgettable memories. Working with these men and women, she is able to identify parallels in their interactions with their families and her family while growing up. From an early age, Joanna always wondered why her relationship with her father was so strained. Wanting to break down the barriers that have always existed between them, she asks her father to help her understand PTSD from the soldiers’ point of view. Their work together soon grows into a memoir of her father’s time in Vietnam, her clinical viewpoint on how his trauma has affected their family life, and a guideline for those that live with a combat veteran.

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