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Sweets for the Sweet
Diabetes Food Education for Adults


This weekly Lunch & Learn class series at Guiding Wellness Institute is for anyone interested in learning more about the relationship between the human body and sugar. Whether or not you’re living with diabetes, this well-rounded series will equip you with the information you need in order to make healthier decisions with regard to your body and sugar consumption. Feel free to bring your lunch to enjoy during the presentation!

Schedule conflicts for some of these afternoons? We’ve got you covered! We’ll also be offering this same series on Wednesday evenings throughout the month of June, so you can mix and match the classes based on your scheduling needs. Download our Guiding Wellness app to stay up to date on our calendar of events and register for classes!

The breakdown of the series is as follows:

June 6 Sweet Tooth Cravings

Why we have them and what to do about them.

June 13 Sugar and its Effects on the Body

How sugar affects the cardiovascular system and its short and long term damage.

June 20 Starting the Day with Lower Blood Sugars

The Liver and how it supplies us energy overnight.

June 27 Movement: Mother Nature’s Diabetes Remedy

Movement reduces the need for insulin in the muscle and fat cells.

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