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Categorized as: Health & Wellness
Event tags: Reflexology, Pain Management


Guiding Wellness Institute is now offering weekly Integrated Reflexology services!

Appointments are 30 minutes and will be held in either the workshop area or outside on the patio overlooking the gardens, weather dependent.

Book your appointment through our MindBody calendar under the "Appointments" tab or feel free to call us at 910.864.6257 with any questions regarding the appointment process or to directly schedule through our front desk personnel!

Reflexology is a non-invasive health therapy that predates allopathic medicine. By applying exercise pressure to the vast network of reflex points, reflexology practitioners make use of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system in order to use the body's intelligence to adjust and balance, either through stimulation or relaxation of each system component, in order to achieve and maintain homeostasis.

Integrative Medical Reflex Therapy (IMRT) is a specialized application of reflexology that takes into account clinical tests and a collaboration of all levels of human functioning in order to determine the best therapeutic use in each individual case. It is always drug-free but complements any drug therapies prescribed by your physician. It is always non-invasive but supports any surgeries or invasive techniques as decided by you and your physician. Reflexology is not massage but recognizes and supports the value of massage, yoga, acupuncture and many other alternative modalities.

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