Vigil Honors Victims of Domestic Violence

Kelly Taylor clearly remembers the words of advice she received while still in nursing school.  “When you walk into a patient’s room, always remember that the person in front of […]

Editor’s Corner: A windfall with a wagging tail

By Kim Hasty Sir Edward Thatcher, a lover of the beach and table scraps, died peacefully the morning of Sept. 18. He was somewhere around 11 years old.As is the […]

Editor’s Corner: Laughter keeps the love alive

By Kim Hasty The Bible says that faith, hope and love remain but that the greatest of those three things is love. Far be it for me to argue with […]

Editor’s Corner: Life-long learning

By Kim Hasty It is best, it seems, that education continue long past the days when we were tasked with memorizing the periodical table of elements or with having to […]

Editor’s Corner: America the Beautiful in the hearts of two sweet siblings

By Kim Hasty The fireworks this time of year are always so pretty. So are the hydrangeas, the gardenias and the American flags flying in the breeze. Colorful beach umbrellas […]

Editor’s Corner: Home is where you feel like part of the family

By Kim Hasty No sooner had I pulled up a chair at one of our downtown restaurants than my daughter began relaying the news of a charming event that had […]

In celebration of strong women and a much-needed night out

By Kim Hasty It was late, and we had been having a really good time. The dance music had ended, the bartenders were tossing out empty cups and cans, and […]

With A Song In Our Hearts

BY: KIM HASTY As Willie Nelson sings on his “Stardust” album, without a song, the day would never end, and without a song, the road would never bend. Willie doesn’t […]

Editor’s Corner: Family businesses that endure

Family businesses are a lot like families. You look at everyone else’s, and they make it look so easy.  But also like families, family businesses require the frequent resolution of […]

Editor’s Corner: Let’s All Pull Up a Chair

  From time to time, something will cause me to contemplate once again Sue Byrd’s round tables down at Fayetteville Area Operation Inasmuch on Hillsborough Street.    When the breakfast […]