Editor’s Corner

Here’s to you, Class of 2020, and to all the moments yet to come

To the Class of 2020, many of whom are seeing your high school, college and other graduation ceremonies cancelled, postponed or otherwise altered due to the current pandemic situation: Allow me to share with you what I remember from my own commencement events.  Um, not an awful lot.  There was a light blue cap and […]


Editor’s Corner: A memorable trip; a world changed forever

It was early March and the last of the daylight was fading fast. Each of us had a small hand tucked into one of our own. My husband and our grandson walked a little ahead; my granddaughter and I lagged a bit behind, and we were fine with that. We were chatting amiably and observing, […]


Of faith, hope and my Aunt Janice’s optimism

My Aunt Janice always believed things would be all right.  I’m not sure how she mustered such faith, but I always knew she had it. I knew it from the time I was a little girl just like I knew she would always be running late to festive occasions, to the point that she would […]