Here’s to you, Class of 2020, and to all the moments yet to come

To the Class of 2020, many of whom are seeing your high school, college and other graduation ceremonies cancelled, postponed or otherwise altered due to the current pandemic situation: Allow […]

Of faith, hope and my Aunt Janice’s optimism

My Aunt Janice always believed things would be all right.  I’m not sure how she mustered such faith, but I always knew she had it. I knew it from the […]

Editor’s Corner: Foundations of Faith

By: Kim Hasty One of my earliest lessons of faith was when I was a young girl, and my mother told me you should never place anything on top of […]

Editor’s Corner: We Were at a Disconnect For Sure

By: Kim Hasty For much of our lives, from the time my husband and I met nearly 40 years ago, disconnection rarely had been an issue. But now the signs […]

Editor’s Corner: A Salute to Lives Well-Lived

By: Kim Hasty My dad’s ribbons and medals are somewhere in my parents’ home, and I’m making a point in this new year to gather them. He and I attended […]

Editor’s Corner: Holding Onto Hope and Each Other

By: Kim Hasty The good doctor took a look at my bruised and puffy foot. “Let’s get an X-ray,” he said. “But either way, the treatment will probably be the […]

Giving Tuesday Campaign Raises $1.164 Million for Local Nonprofits

At a time when the need has never been greater, our community has come through in a big way.   Cumberland Community Foundation joined with 68 nonprofit organizations to raise […]

Editor’s Corner: The Light Still Shines

BY: KIM HASTY Berry Bostic had no idea his spheres of light would have so much meaning. “I just liked the way they looked,” he said. Bostic, retired now and […]

Editor’s Corner: The Cherished Tradition I Love to Miss

For some people, whirlwind shopping trips and the unfurling of snarls of twinkling lights herald in the holiday season. For me, it is the annual Thanksgiving eve turkey shoot. I […]

A Friendly Face in the Storm

We were sitting at a table outside a downtown restaurant when the sudden, if not completely unexpected, rainstorm hit. The pellets of rain were accompanied by gusty winds, which seemed […]