Making room for the little things

FAMILY MATTERS December 2021 BY CLAIRE MULLEN Baby Jesus is unequivocally the most important pint-sized wonder of the Christmas season, but there is a second diminutive creature sent to us […]

Family Matters, November 2021

Traditionally untraditional My family’s flexible Thanksgiving feast BY CLAIRE MULLEN When I look back on it, I think that a seed was planted several Thanksgivings ago when my baby brother […]

Family matters: A Homemade Halloween

By Claire Mullen It’s usually just about early August when my eagle-eyed, ever holiday-ready children notice that the spooky script, orange and black banner has officially been hung outside one […]

Family matters: What I remember from my teachers

By Claire Mullen This summer, my dad began a purging project of the storage spaces in his house. Until now, those spaces had brimmed with 35 years’ worth of his […]

A pair of unforgettable visitors

Editor’s note: CityView contributing columnist Claire Mullen wrote this refection in memory of Karen Gallimore Argo, who died Monday. Argo was a former youth director and longtime member of Haymount […]

Family Matters: Parking Lot Parables

By Claire Mullen There are two types of people in this world. And no, I’m not talking maskers and non-maskers vaxxers and anti-vaxxers, or even Hellmann’s versus Duke’s faithfuls. The […]

Family Matters: Answering the call

By Claire Mullen My column in last month’s issue was dedicated to mothers and all of the amazing things that they do. Oftentimes, it seems that the matriarch of our […]

Family Matters: The Best Thing

By Claire Mullen In honor of Mother’s Day, I took to social media to pose one question to anyone who wanted to answer. I received an overwhelming number of responses […]

Family Matters: Aging gracefully(ish)

By: Claire Mullen Age is just a number,” they say. A saying fit for a tattooed septuagenarian with a penchant for Harleys, or perhaps someone who helps with grandkids during […]

Family Matters: Survival of the Littlest: One Mom’s Mission

By: Claire Mullen I’m ashamed to confess what follows, but in the interest of saving lives, here you have it: two out of two of my children have had near-drowning […]