Family Matters: The Best Thing

By Claire Mullen In honor of Mother’s Day, I took to social media to pose one question to anyone who wanted to answer. I received an overwhelming number of responses […]

Family Matters: Aging gracefully(ish)

By: Claire Mullen Age is just a number,” they say. A saying fit for a tattooed septuagenarian with a penchant for Harleys, or perhaps someone who helps with grandkids during […]

Family Matters: Survival of the Littlest: One Mom’s Mission

By: Claire Mullen I’m ashamed to confess what follows, but in the interest of saving lives, here you have it: two out of two of my children have had near-drowning […]

Blanketing Our Children with Love

By: Claire Mullen For far too many children in our community, a blanket, made quite simply from two rectangles of colorful fleece, stacked atop one another, fringed around the edges […]

Family Matters: Split Ends and Laundry Bins

BY: CLAIRE MULLEN Self-care. A concept that seems to me, a 35-year-old mother of two young children, to be a luxurious thing of the just-me past. Perhaps something to look […]

Family Matters: Toto’s Ginger Cookies

BY: CLAIRE MULLEN Last year, on the Saturday morning before Christmas, I found myself standing with fuzzy-slippered feet in my flour-bombed kitchen, over a plate of warm-from-the-oven cookies, inexplicably weeping […]

Family Matters: Big Love for Tiny Babies

November. A month on the American holiday calendar that offers each of us the opportunity to spend the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving reflecting on what we are all generally […]

Family Matters: This Youngster Rocks the Neighborhood

Most times of year, if you should find yourself traversing the Forest Lakes neighborhood, you would likely pass 306 Sylvan Road without a second glance. The stately two-story home is […]

The Corona Chronicles: Back to School Edition

BY: CLAIRE MULLEN Back–to–school is a ritual of sorts for children and parents alike.  For my family, it has become tradition since the early preschool days for each of our […]

FAMILY MATTERS – How Does Your Garden Grow?

By Claire Mullen There’s a whole lot of buzz around the Cape Fear Botanical Garden these days. And no, it’s not just the bees. While there’s always been something exciting […]