Health: Compassionate care and a boost of self confidence

By Kim Hasty Photography by Tony Wooten When Erin Champion contemplated having the fine lines on her forehead injected in a large room filled with interested onlookers recently, she didn’t […]

Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

BY: KIM HASTY PHOTOGRAPHY BY: CINDY BURNHAM From the start, the energy, the enthusiasm and the encouragement inside the gym were strikingly contagious. “You’re looking good, girl,” was the mantra […]

Hemp-based CBD products gaining popularity 

By Earl Vaughan Jr.  With America in the grip of an addiction to opioid-related pain medications, the medical community has been trying to limit access to the painkillers in an attempt to […]

A Great Feeling

By: Catherine Pritchard  Donna Carter was scared.  She was 46, weighed over 310 pounds and had several serious health problems, including diabetes and hypertension. She also had severe asthma and the three medications […]

General Surgery: The Growth of Surgeries at Cape Fear Valley Health

People have surgery for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is to diagnose a problem. Other times it is to treat a disease or disorder. In many cases, the surgery […]

Gastroenterology: Shear Wave Elastography

A new non-invasive procedure using ShearWave Elastography is now available at Fayetteville Gastroenterology Associates.  Dr. John E. Poulos explains, “ShearWave Elastography (SWE) has emerged as a painless non-invasive test that […]

The Next Generation of Physicians

Let’s face it; healthcare is changing. The current healthcare workforce is aging and the nature of healthcare delivery systems are evolving due to insurance, medical technology and other factors. In […]

Dentistry: Infant Frenectomies

Many newborn infants that have trouble breast- and bottle- feeding have tongue or lip ties. These ties are caused by a structural abnormality of the frenum, the tissue that secures […]

Holistic Wellness: Power of essential oils

Relaxing with a whiff of lavender before bed is one popular way to use essential oils. But, you don’t have to stop there. These powerful elixirs have other therapeutic benefits, […]

In-Dependent: A Wellness Community for Military Spouses

By Erin Pesut While stationed in Schweinfurt, Germany, Leslie Brians, Michele Bradfield and Meg Gotheridge talked endlessly about fitness, food, yoga, and health and wellness trends. The three women, all […]