Dr. Prag, the super hero of cancer surgery

By Kim Hasty    A father who wants to live to see his son play in the big game.     A mother who wants to prepare the family members who […]

General Medicine: Cape Fear Valley Health Earns Merits of Excellence

When it comes to healthcare, nothing matters more than quality. Obtaining high quality care during a hospital visit can mean the difference between life and death or lingering health issues […]

Senior Services: Help Keep Independent Seniors Safe and on the Road

A new scratch on the bumper or avoiding activities that require leaving home are often the first signs that families should talk with their aging parents about driving. Unfortunately, those […]

Women’s Health: Toxic Shock Syndrome

Toxic shock syndrome is a rare, life-threatening condition that made headlines in the 1980s after the deaths of young women who used super absorbent tampons. These tampons were later removed […]

Medical Education: Cape Fear Valley Health and Campbell University Team Up

Change isn’t always easy. Just ask John Bunyasaranand. The former combat medic has seen his fair share of action and excitement, treating wounded soldiers on the battlefield. But he suddenly […]

General Surgery: The Growth of Surgeries at Cape Fear Valley Health

People have surgery for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is to diagnose a problem. Other times it is to treat a disease or disorder. In many cases, the surgery […]

Gastroenterology: Shear Wave Elastography

A new non-invasive procedure using ShearWave Elastography is now available at Fayetteville Gastroenterology Associates.  Dr. John E. Poulos explains, “ShearWave Elastography (SWE) has emerged as a painless non-invasive test that […]

The Next Generation of Physicians

Let’s face it; healthcare is changing. The current healthcare workforce is aging and the nature of healthcare delivery systems are evolving due to insurance, medical technology and other factors. In […]

Dentistry: Infant Frenectomies

Many newborn infants that have trouble breast- and bottle- feeding have tongue or lip ties. These ties are caused by a structural abnormality of the frenum, the tissue that secures […]

Holistic Wellness: Power of essential oils

Relaxing with a whiff of lavender before bed is one popular way to use essential oils. But, you don’t have to stop there. These powerful elixirs have other therapeutic benefits, […]