Floating Shanti – A Rising Tide

By James Johnson It is said that while one is experiencing flotation therapy, the mind is set free to wander without the distractions of daily life, and at times inspiration […]

Health: A Thank-You to Cape Fear Valley’s Frontline Professionals

By: Kim Hasty For decades, Tommy Arnold has been the first to pitch in whenever someone needed help. We’ll likely never know the extent to which he’s been the willing […]

Health: Service and Shots with a Smile

By: Kim Hasty Photography by: Lisa Thompson Chris Tart was on the move one recent morning. Already, his staff was running low on Pfizer vaccine inoculations, and he was among […]

On the Front Line

By: Kim Hasty   Theirs isn’t the kind of experience that was covered in nursing school chemistry or physiology classes. In fact, nothing in nursing school prepared them for the […]

A Bariatric Success Story

BY: KIM HASTY For Rachael Santillan, the epiphany that would lead to her nearly 100-pound weight loss came on a mountaintop in Ghana. “Everybody was passing me on the way […]

New Center Will Offer Hope in the Storm

BY: KIM HASTY A warm and soothing environment in which patients and their parents can feel comfortable and safe. Comprehensive and critical inpatient treatment available without the necessity of an […]

Surgical Residents Help Raise the Bar for CFVH

BY: KIM HASTY All the fresh-faced young people walking the halls at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center surprised some folks at first. Every newly-graduated physician enters a residency program for […]

Cape Fear Valley Hospital aids in the crusade for a vaccine

BY: KIM HASTY Even as a little girl growing up in Germany, Judith Borger always knew she wanted to help people. For a while, that meant teaching them how to […]

CFVH Workers Grateful for Community’s Generosity

By: Kim Hasty Over 3,000 donated masks. Over 5,000 donated meals. And those numbers are growing every day.  In the midst of a pandemic, Cape Fear Valley Medical Center staff members have been overwhelmed by […]