The Last Word: Turning out the lights

By Tony Chavonne In April, Fayetteville residents were surprised to read in Raleigh’s newspaper, The News & Observer, that secret negotiations had been underway for months between our city and […]

The Last Word: The noblest of all professions

Thank you to those teachers who have meant the world to me By Tony Chavonne Jane Davenport was brand new at Cumberland Road Elementary School during my first year there […]

The Last Word: Celebrating America’s legacy of courage

By Tony Chavonne As we were leaving the gym, my friend Joe Johnson wished me good luck on our upcoming trip to Normandy for the anniversary of D-Day. He handed […]

The Last Word: Celebrating downtown Fayetteville and those who believed

By Tony Chavonne One of the major goals we have at CityView is to help build a sense of community. We strive to do that through informing, involving and inspiring […]

The Last Word: Baseball and our dreams for the future return at last

By Tony Chavonne One of the best minor league movies ever, “Bull Durham,” had one of the most memorable baseball quotes. Susan Sarandon, as Annie Savoy, claims she is quoting […]

The Last Word: Life’s True Gifts

BY: TONY CHAVONNE I approached the used plastic grocery bag someone had put on my desk with cautious curiosity. In it I found a handful of sweet potatoes that someone […]

THE LAST WORD – Making Memories Downtown

By Tony Chavonne Publisher We look out our window on Bow Street and can often catch a blushing new bride-to-be working with her photographer for just the right picture somewhere […]

The Last Word: You Can Go Home Again

I can blame it on Martha Duell.   I never knew my father, and was I raised being told by my mother that my last name was Italian-American. I never noticed that Chavonne did not fit with the Musselwhites, Dallases and Lancasters sprinkled throughout the Massey Hill mill villages. And, to […]

An Unexpected, Unforgettable Moment

  Benito Garcia was a tunnel rat during the Vietnam War.     I first learned of Benito when viewing the documentary “Killing Memories” in preparation for Fayetteville’s first Heroes Homecoming […]

Join us in an opportunity to make a difference

    Many of the earliest memories of my childhood in the early 1960s include playing with a boy named Jerry who lived next door.     Our Southern Avenue houses […]