McFadyen’s Musings: Tales from a Flat-bed Truck 

In 1890, J. Scott McFadyen Sr. was born on sand so poor that the only things it grew well were Scottish settlers and long leaf pines.  His son (my Dad) […]


By Bill McFadyen Hurley Randall of Falcon went to work for my Dad at McFadyen Music about the time I entered the world. He stayed on the payroll until he […]

McFadyen Musings: Paper Products

Most of society, me included, shares an acute awareness of the negative medical and financial effects of the COVID pandemic.  Many have lost or at least have had suspended their […]

McFadyen Musings – MORE THAN 100

One of the rites of spring in a culture such as mine is the grasping of a varnished length of cane.  Knotted onto its wispy end is a strand of thin monofilament […]

Remember Uncle Owen?

One of the saddest but most useful lessons I learned in living alongside an Alzheimer’s patient was that I could not bring her to where I was in time. A lifetime of memories appeared […]

McFadyen Musings: The last day of Summer

  I woke fairly early on that last day of Summer.    It was the morning following the last of the flash-floodish rains from the two days prior.  Our front […]

McFadyen’s Musings: Making lemonade from lemons

One of the benefits for me in exercising my responsibilities of fatherhood was the adoption of other people’s kids.  Those adoptions started with Maggie’s toddler friend Emma McCauley at First […]

$75 a Month

By: Bill McFadyen There is no arguing that it was indeed a very cool condo. Eighth floor, facing west toward Molokai and the sunset, and looking down on a coral reef below the surface a hundred yards off the […]

The Cornbread Skillet

THE CORNBREAD SKILLET   By: Bill McFadyen   Hearing of Mamma’s death was nothing like when Granddaddy died. Riding in the backseat on the way to the coast to fish for Spanish […]

A Letter from Mom

 A Letter from Mom  By: Bill McFadyen   It has been five years since I told her “Happy Mother’s Day.” I doubt she remembered the last one, as dementia had […]