The Cornbread Skillet

THE CORNBREAD SKILLET   By: Bill McFadyen   Hearing of Mamma’s death was nothing like when Granddaddy died. Riding in the backseat on the way to the coast to fish for Spanish […]

A Letter from Mom

 A Letter from Mom  By: Bill McFadyen   It has been five years since I told her “Happy Mother’s Day.” I doubt she remembered the last one, as dementia had […]


Growing up, we never had a dog. We had a calico cat for a very long time and I had a quail for a couple of years. Not dogs. It seems […]

I Thought It Was Just A Party

By: Bill McFadyen It would never happen in today’s more competitive world but somehow, in 1979, I managed to secure a spot as a freshman at the prestigious Davidson College. Their expectation was that I be a part of the graduating Class […]

Another Productive Day

By: Bill McFadyen My wife did a fantastic job of compiling a list of chores for me to accomplish that Saturday while she would be in town shopping for Back to College items […]

Life Behind the Earthen Dam

By Bill McFadyen   My primary care physician, who also served as best man at my late 20th century wedding, was engaging in retention of repeat business in that spring […]

Make No Mistake

By Bill McFadyen “Early” depends on your internal clock but for me, it was early – daylight before the sunrise. True to her preferred Sunday ritual, my wife slept on. […]

I Thought We Came to Fish

By Bill McFadyen Back in the days before sloshing across the deep blue sea in large boats made me turn various colors and then vomit, I fished about once a […]

“Mr. Marvin’s Marinade”

by Bill McFadyen February 25, 2018 I never knew a whole lot about Marvin Hayslip. One of his daughters married one my in-laws. I saw him on Thanksgivings. His family […]

Graduation Goodbye

Of Rainbows and Fledgling Flights By: Bill McFadyen From the first day of becoming a parent, one hears the clichéd advice repeatedly. It comes from people older than you or […]