McFadyen’s Musings: The Man I Want To Be

We were still in the habit of bathing our baby girl in the bathroom sink when word came of a second child in Susie’s womb. Looking for any reason not […]

McFadyen’s Musings: The Littlest Things

By Bill McFadyen We only saw each other when he was working. The friendship‘s beginning was a product of where I did business when our boat needed servicing. I only […]

Makin’ Bacon

By Bill McFadyen Growing up, Virginia was always about making our house a home. She was our mother, but more so she was our mom. Papa Scott was growing a […]

McFadyen’s Musings: Fishing with Brett

By: Bill McFadyen In reflecting on our lives together in this town, it is not surprising that at First Presbyterian Church, Brett Ciccone and I had fairly regular interaction over […]

McFadyen’s Musings: Caramel Cake

By: Bill McFadyen My mom’s first caramel cake, according to recollection by her little-girl-to-life’s-end friend Katherine Holmes Wheeler, came from a recipe on the back of a box of cake […]

McFadyen’s Musings: The Wedding Gift

BY: BILL MCFADYEN As a concession to our whirlwind engagement, Susanna and I did not register for wedding gifts at the conventional and more elegant places that brides usually choose. […]

McFadyen’s Musings: Bay Rod

BY: BILL MCFADYEN In the early part of the school year in 1975, Dad purchased an oceanfront house at Emerald Isle. It had been owned by the bank as a […]

McFadyen’s Musings: Find Yourself a Faith

For decades at Fayetteville’s First Presbyterian Church, we have fed any of the members who would come on Wednesday nights. (Or to my way of thinking, actually Wednesday late afternoons, […]

Tears from a Catfish Farm

Between Greenville and Washington, North Carolina, lies a little burg named Pactolus. It is recognizable mostly from the grain silos behind Davenport’s Store – the newer version, not the one […]