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Support local journalism.

Almost two years ago, we dreamed about what it would take to revive independent journalism in our community – reporting that could help rebuild public trust in local news reporting and empower an informed community to help solve our shared problems. Since that time, you and thousands of other Cumberland County residents have supported us with your financial support and regularly view our daily newsletter.

CityView’s dedicated team of journalists and professional staff work tirelessly to bring you the latest news, features, and events that help shape our community. Each morning over 35,000 residents wakes with the important news of the day, reports of the family members and friends we have lost, and insights on people’s lives that can only come from decades of reporting experience and a love for our community and the people who live here. We provide this free of cost through our CityView Today digital newsletter, accessible to anyone – all you have to do is sign up.

Quality journalism comes with a cost, and that price is a high one. But every day as we read about more threats to democracy across the globe, we understand that it is a price that must be paid. We are committed to the belief that an informed community builds a better community and that everyone deserves access to trustworthy sources of news.

We created the nonprofit CityView News Fund to help ensure that objective and balanced news coverage of local government, schools and other community issues is provided at no cost to residents of Fayetteville and Cumberland County. Since its inception, the CityView News Fund has provided the financial resources to expand our news coverage with additional staffing and equipment.

This year, donations made to the CityView News Fund during GivingTuesday will again be enhanced by more than $550,000 raised by the Cumberland Community Foundation to support this effort. Gifts must be received between 9 a.m. Monday, Nov. 20, and 5 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 29.

To make a donation go to CityViewNewsFund.org or send a check by mail. Checks should be mailed by Nov. 20 and must be payable to Cumberland Community Foundation with “GivingTuesday – CityView News Fund” in the memo line.

Your support is crucial in ensuring that Cumberland County residents continue to have access to free, reliable, and comprehensive local news coverage. Your donation to the CityView News Fund helps strengthen our community’s voice and empower our residents with the information they need – particularly as we expand our coverage by adding reporting staff capacity and resources to provide more news coverage in other important areas such as healthcare, the military and education.

We are committed to building a better-informed community. Thank you for your support during GivingTuesday.