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1,200 Fort Bragg soldiers to be relocated because barracks fail to meet HVAC standards


Up to 1,200 Fort Bragg soldiers will be relocated because their barracks don’t meet HVAC standards, post officials said.

The decision comes after Army and installation leaders recently inspected the living conditions in the Volar-style barracks in the Smoke Bomb Hill area, the Public Affairs Office said in a release Thursday.

The soldiers will be moved from 10 to 12 barracks that were built in the 1970s and don’t meet today’s standards for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, the release said.

The relocations will be “a deliberate, phased approach,’’ the release said. Fort Bragg officials did not say when the moves would take place.

“Army leaders have committed substantial resources to address the barracks issues to ensure our soldiers are taken care of throughout the process,’’ the release said.

‘’Our enduring obligation at Fort Bragg and as Army leaders is to take care of our people — our soldiers and their families,’’ the release said. “Their health and welfare is of the utmost importance to our Army readiness.’’

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