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2017 Carolina Caledonian Fest

By the thousands they came to North Carolina, first to Brunswick Town, later Wilmington. The earliest settlers came by choice in 1734, looking for land to stake their claim in the new World. Over the next century came thousands more, defeated at Culloden, punished by the English government and "cleared" off their lands by their chiefs. Most spoke no English, they dressed in the manner of the Gaels, and set forth to make new lives along the Cape Fear. 

The Carolina Caledonian Fest is a celebration of the Argyll Colony, the largest and most significant community of Scot Highlanders in America. Over 160,000 Highlanders came to the Tar Heel State in the 18th Century and settled the Cape Fear Region and established the towns of Campbellton and Cross Creek (later merged to become Fayetteville*). Over a million of their descendants live in the region today. They explored the Argyll Colony's origins and culture, the way they lived, and recall the bitter times that drove them here. Most importantly, they honored their legacy and do our best to keep it REAL.

Proceeds from the Carolina Caledonian Fest will help benefit the Cape Fear Highlanders' non-profit Argyil Colony Inc. with a mission to promote greater awareness of Scot Heritage in the Cape Fear Region of NC.