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82nd Airborne Division's All American Week postponed


The 82nd Airborne Division has announced that its All American Week is being postponed until late September due to the deployment of thousands of post-based troops to Europe to support the nation’s allies and to deter further Russian aggression.

This year’s All American Week had been scheduled for May 23-26. It will now be held Sept. 26-29, according to a release.

"All American Week is one of the proudest traditions of this division," commanding general Maj. Gen. Chris LaNeve said in the release. “For this reason, we are postponing to ensure that everyone can be together for this exciting week of activities, camaraderie and reflection on the sacrifices of our paratroopers and contributions of this great division to the nation."

The headquarters of the 82nd Airborne Division, the 3rd Brigade Combat Team and elements of the division’s combat aviation brigade, sustainment brigade and others deployed to Poland in February.

Since February, when the invasion started, 4,700 service members of the 82nd Airborne Division and key enablers deployed to Germany. The 82nd Airborne Division deployed components of an infantry brigade combat team and key enablers to Poland. The 18th Airborne Corps moved a Joint Task Force-capable headquarters to Germany, according to Master Sgt. Brian Rodan, a spokesman for the 82nd Airborne Division.

Overall, Fort Bragg has roughly 50,000 troops and another 14,000 civilians who work on the post.

"Every year, thousands attend All American Week to include the nearly 19,000 paratroopers participating in the week's events," Rodan said Wednesday.

All American Week, which is open to the public, celebrates veterans and honors active-duty service members. Activities include sports competitions, ceremonies and memorials recognizing those service members who lost their lives serving their country.

"The run is the biggest and most popular event," Rodan said, "and it officially kicks off the All American Week events."

In 2020, All American Week was canceled due to COVID-19. In 2021, All American Week was postponed due to COVID and then re-established as All American Days in November due to the 82nd Airborne Division answering the nation's call as the immediate response force in Europe.

Asked whether the September date could change if Fort Bragg soldiers remain deployed at that time, Rodan said he could not speak of the ongoing operations. He said they are hoping All American Week can take place in September.

“Since its inception, All American Week has brought our veterans and the Fort Bragg community together building the esprit-de-corps and celebrating almost 105 years of the 82nd Airborne Division's service to the nation,” the release said.

The event provides an opportunity for the division's paratroopers, past and present, and their families to come together for camaraderie and to celebrate serving in the All American Division, Rodan said. In the past, All American Week has consisted of a variety of events including the division run, boxing, baseball, softball, soccer, Army combatives and an airborne demonstration.

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