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A Little Help Stirring the Pot


By Kathryn Kelly

CityView Contributing Writer Claire Mullen shared a recent struggle to her personal Facebook page that many of her friends seemed to empathize with. While perusing a gumbo recipe, she dreaded the direction that the pot was to be stirred continuously for 15 minutes.

"There is literally nothing I can do for 15 minutes," she exclaimed. Funny enough, the solution to her problem is a funny-looking, cleverly named gadget that I stumbled upon during my 2020 Christmas shopping.

While planning and hunting down Christmas gifts for loved ones, one unique culinary contraption caught my attention and I have never bought something so fast in my life. A new friend by the name of Mr. Octopus, this device is an automatic sauce stirrer with three legs, joyful eyes and three speed settings. It is designed to dance around a pot to continuously stir your sauces, soups and slurries while you take on other tasks in the kitchen and to look cute while doing so.

Originally bought as a joke gift to family members with the (literal) tag line of “here’s a break from stirring the pot,” this adorable appliance has caught the attention of my friends and coworkers that learned of my discovery. Not to say anyone needs this particular device (who would’ve thought a spoon and a careful eye would need replacement...) but the amusement and assistance that come with this device are pretty nifty. Available online at JC Penney, Kohls, and Amazon for ~10, stir at your own risk.