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A New Beginning………..


A New Beginning………..

When my wife, Sandee and I started CityView in 2006, we both believed Fayetteville deserved its own first-class, glossy lifestyle magazine. Every other major city had magazines that had lots of full-color pictures and stories about people and their city. We said, “Why should Fayetteville be different?”

All these years later, people still approach us, even people we don’t know, to talk about how they love the magazine. But like all good things, our role in the magazine is changing. The magazine will carry on under a great new leader and publisher, former Fayetteville mayor Tony Chavonne. We have enjoyed a long-term friendship with Tony and the members of his new team. He was general manager of Fayetteville Publishing Company for 25 years, so he has a great deal of publishing experience. Coincidentally, Tony was featured on the very first cover of CityView in March 2006.

As we look back on the last 13 years, we are most proud of the several multiple-part stories we published. The first was on the Pittman homes at the foot of Haymount Hill, and then there was the two-part series on the Fleishman family. But, really, every edition has been a fabulous journey, and we have loved every moment of it.

CityView would not have grown without Sandee. She has been managing editor since the beginning, always doing the proofing and working hand-and-hand with our editors over the years to develop stories that are about the goodness of Fayetteville. At one time, she was the general manager and even drove the delivery truck to deliver magazines. We have expanded over the years to include community forum breakfasts that have been very popular with some 200 attendees.

I will remain on the staff as an account executive, and I look forward to getting out in the community and meeting old and new friends. We all love Fayetteville, and our magazine is a great asset to the city. Keep reading CityView and finding out all about the greatness of our city and thank you for your patronage over the years.