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A perfect pairing for salmon and Southern fare


This weekend we had a bit of hankering for some very good salmon. We also wanted a couple of our Southern favorites: collard greens and macaroni and cheese. An odd combination, right? Well, it worked with pan-seared salmon fillets with a mustard caper sauce. A lot of folks have a hard time pairing salmon with a wine. So, we went with a classic match of pinot noir. Not just one but three. We had French, German and Italian pinot noir.

They were all different but unmistakably pinot noir. To throw a monkey wrench into the mix, we also opened a very nice Bordeaux Supérieur wine. As we noted, the three pinots were very good and matched the salmon greatly. However, the wine that showed the best was the Bordeaux Supérieur.

It was called Château Féret-Lambert vintage 2018. This was a rich merlot-dominated wine (90 percent merlot/10 percent cabernet sauvignon), with generous tannins and structure. Ripe and solid, with a dark core of plum and blackberry, laced with toasted anise, singed apple wood and graphite. Fragrant with acidity and with a succulent texture.

God bless our troops and please say a prayer for the families of our fallen troops in Afghanistan.

CHEERS Y'all. 
Thank You for Indulging me in my passion.
Deano Vino