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Amazing Acts of Character


By Renarta Clanton Moyd

Each month through the school system’s character recognition program, Amazing Acts of Character, schools are asked to nominate students who display character above and beyond expected behavior. 

Two students were recently selected from individual school nominations for displaying ‘Amazing Acts of Character’ and will be recognized and honored during the Cumberland County Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, October 13 at 6:30 p.m. in the Board Room of CCS’ Central Services building. The honorees are as follows:

Yuna Kim, a kindergartner at Stoney Point Elementary School – Yuna’s teacher, Kelly Arnold, says the 5-year-old “goes out of her way” to show respect to her teachers and peers. According to Arnold, if she is teaching and another student seated beside Yuna becomes unfocused, she will tap her classmate and point to the teacher. Yuna also shows respect for her peers by picking up items they have accidentally dropped or by helping them solve a problem. Arnold said that the kindergartner is respectful of her teachers by always paying attention, being a good listener, and wearing a smile. “This is an amazing act of character coming from a kindergartner who comes to school each and every day so well mannered!” said Arnold.

Semara Harper-Cole, a 7th grader at Reid Ross Classical Middle School – Semara’s teacher, Laronda Freeman, said the 12-year-old found herself in the middle of another student’s medical emergency recently, but handled it with maturity and respect for others. According to Freeman, when Semara’s classmate was having a seizure, instead of panicking and yelling across the room for the teacher, she asked the classmate if he was alright. When he did not respond, with a calm, yet assertive tone, she alerted the teacher, who was on the other side of the room working with another student. The teacher immediately started giving the student the medical attention he needed. “Semara was respectful of her classmate, the classroom teacher and the situation,” said Freeman. “She kept calm. She helped move other students out of the way. Semara was tuned into the seriousness of the situation but did not yell, and did not alarm the students or disrupt the class. She handled the situation in a mature and respectful way.”

The Amazing Acts of Character committee selects winners based on school nominations. The winners are then recognized at the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Education. A special trophy and certificate are presented to each student winner.