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Amerizon Wireless/ TeamLogicIT


Steve, Jaron and Marty Cayton represent the second and third generations of the Cayton’s family owned businesses based in Fayetteville: Amerizon Wireless, Amerizon Communications and TeamlogicIT.

Amerizon Wireless is the largest volume selling dealer in the Carolinas, and is also an elite service partner of Motorola Solutions, Inc., providing critical wireless communications for enterprise, education, public safety and within the state, local and federal government.

Amerizon Wireless has the highest trained sales and support staff, and when combined with 30+ expert technicians with an average of 15 years’ experience per employee they know how to get the job done.

AmerizonCommunications (formerly Karaman Communications) provides business telephone and VoIP cloud-based communications solutions.

TeamlogicIT specializes in preventive managed IT care, proactively serving thousands of small to medium businesses with a network of over 300 certified technicians and an additional branch in Wilmington, NC.

To learn more about Amerizon Wireless call 910-483-8484. To learn more about TeamLogicIT visit their CityViewBusiness Directory or call them at 910-500-1391.