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An act of faith: Village Christian senior has 13 years of perfect attendance


By Emerson Jackson - Contributing writer

Village Christian Academy senior Jaime Brunson, who has a 13-year perfect attendance record, is pictured with her kindergarten teachers Tina Eddy and Cherie Griffin

Even on Senior Skip Day, when all of her fellow classmates missed school to head to the beach, Jaime Brunson nevertheless showed up for school. After all, she had a 13-year-long streak to maintain.

Brunson, a 17-year-old senior at Village Christian Academy, has not missed a single day of school dating all the way back to her very first day in kindergarten. Not for doctor’s appointment nor family vacations.

 “I’ve just been very blessed with good health,” she said. “I take my vitamins, I don’t drink after people, and I stay very hydrated.”

She and her parents, Donna and Jamie, made plans strategically to fit around her school calendar. She gave credit for the rest of her success to the grace of God and believes in sharing her faith. When she’s not in school, Brunson spends her free time serving as president of the Red Cross Club, participating in Key Club activities, doing community service and creating baskets for those in need. Brunson’s baskets include various items and are personalized from person to person, depending on their personality and interests – dish towels for women, candy, monogrammed cups and writing journals.

Brunson includes a cross in each of her baskets. She said that’s only fitting since she credits most of her health, success and strength throughout her academic career at Village Christian Academy to her faith in Christ. She said that although the pep rallies, football games and dance competitions were important moments that contributed to her experience, one of the most memorable and impactful moments throughout her time at the school was in her freshman year Bible class. In this particular class, her teacher, Brenda Martin, told her that the “battle is not yours.” Brunson said this assured her that God would always be in her corner and gave her strength to continue working hard. Brunson said she loved the feeling of community that the close-knit school has offered.

After graduating on May 21, Brunson plans to attend The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to study biology with a goal of becoming a physician assistant. She hopes to continue to volunteer while in college.

“I chose this career path because I wanted to participate in a field where I could meet new people, learn their stories and help them walk away feeling better than they did before,” she said.

Emerson Jackson is a senior at Campbell University majoring in graphic design and marketing. She is a Fayetteville native and a 2018 graduate of Village Christian Academy.