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Annual Food & Wine Special Issue

Kelly Twedell: I am loving the term 'Citylicious' on the cover this month. Fayetteville food history and its families trace back for decades. It’s safe to say that no matter if you’ve lived here for six months or six decades, you have your favorite go-to spots for food, wine and beer. I’m certain we’ll have you making reservations at local restaurants after seeing the mouth-watering photos our advertisers have in our special Food & Wine issue.

Not so much of a foodie, but prefer to read about people? We’ve cooked up some stories like how Mellow Mushroom and the Army’s Army have partnered together, making a difference in the lives of the children of our fallen warriors. Also go behind the scenes with Spring Lake’s very own Chef Judy. You may remember her as a star on the Food Network program, Chopped.

In honor of Ecclesiastes 9:7, go eat your food with gladness and drink your wine with a joyful heart, for it is now that God favors what you do.

Miriam Landru: Admittedly, I’ve always been sort of a “wine snob.” I was never on the flavored wine bandwagon. If “mixed berry” or “strawberry kiwi” was printed on the label (and you know what brands I am talking about here), I turned my Roman nose up. At the legal drinking age of 21, I favored Italian Chianti from Trader Joe’s.

I still love red wine. Give me a fine bottle of an Argentinian Malbec or a California Pinot Noir any day. The chilly month of October definitely puts me in the mood for a dark, rich red.

In this special issue we are featuring a menagerie of stories that will tempt your taste buds and heighten your (fashion) senses. Learn the proper way to taste wine next time you are at The Wine Café or Luigi’s with our rotating Etiquette feature.

And find out how to choose the perfect, spirited drink pairing with your steak or pasta dish at Circa 1800 or Sherefe’s.

What will you wear for your wine tasting or dinner downtown? Check out our fall fashion feature with styles from local boutiques and get inspired by autumn colors, prints and statement jewelry for the guys and gals.

And to work the calories off from the delectable dishes and crisp libations, you may want to try a belly dancing class. Read all about former Chief Warrant Officer Hayat Dumas’s thriving and shimmying art form.

Let’s combine your newfound wine tasting skills, pairing paradigms and fashion sense to good use at our First Annual Food and Wine Issue Launch Party at SkyView on Hay, October 3rd.
(Belly dancing is optional.)

What this issue has in store:

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