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Art: DIY Holiday Mason Jars


By Erin Pesut 

Do-it-yourself never goes out of style! This holiday season brighten up your traditional decorations with these make-at-home projects. Repurpose Mason jars from around your house (or any jar!) and turn something old in to something new, something festive or a great (one-of-a-kind and one of the best!) gift to give.   

Holiday Glitter Jars
(via Classy Clutter) 

These holiday glitter jars can be as festive as you like! Once the holidays are over, employ them year round as holders for Q-tips, makeup, toothbrushes, pencils, pens, etc. Once finished, add in seasonal foliage, poinsettia leaves, greenery, sprays, snowflakes, berries or pinecones, as you like.  


Mason jars 

Rustoleum’s gold metallic spray paint 

Mod Podge glue 

Sponge paintbrush 

Gold glitter 

Paper plate


1. Spray paint the outside of clean, empty mason jars. Let dry. 

2. Pour a heavy amount of glitter onto a paper plate or palette paper and spread it around.  

3. Apply Mod Podge to one side of the jar. 

4. Immediately roll the section with Mod Podge in glitter. Let dry. 

5. Repeat steps 4 and 5 with the remaining half of the jar. 

6. Once finished, decorate with seasonal and/or festive holiday sprays. 

Sweet Snow Globes
(via WhipperBerry)

 Shake up holiday memories with these sweet snow globes that take less than two minutes to make. Create a few out of different shapes and sizes and your beautiful display and collection will last for years.   


Jars (a good shape and size for your tree) 

Bottle Brush trees (can be found at craft stores, holiday stores or Big Lots) 

Buffalo snow (or any faux snow) 

Elmer’s glue dots (or hot glue) 


1. First, remove the lid of jar and glue the tree to the bottom of the lid. 

2. Place a small amount of snow in the jar. Don’t add too much. You only need enough to cover up the bottom of the tree.  

3. Screw lid into jar. 

4. Shake to your heart’s content. 

 Chalk-painted Mason Jar Luminaries
(via Maison de Pax)  

 Simply perfect for the holidays, these jars will add a warm glow to any room of your house. You choose whether these debut as decoration at a seasonal soirée or to light a winter’s path outside for Santa to find his way.  

There are two benefits to using chalk paint instead of spray paint or acrylic paint: it sticks to the glass better since chalk-based paints are made specifically for adherence and it distresses easily and smoothly giving a natural, worn look to the jar.  



Chalk paint (Check Vibra’s boutique!) 

Paint brush 

Sandpaper (220 grit or higher) 

A clear acrylic sealer 

Baker’s twine 

Greenery (snipped from swag or garland or the real deal for a true pine scent) 

Tea light candle


1. Paint the outside of a clean, empty mason jar. Hint: put your hand in the jar and paint the rim and bottom, then set the jar upside down to paint the rest. 

2. Allow time to dry (~ 30 minutes) and paint a second coat. 

3. Distress lightly by hand using 220 grit or higher. Hint: a brown paper bag will also do the trick. 

4. Spray jars with clear acrylic sealer. 

5. Once dry, rim top with baker’s twine and secure greenery. 

6. Add candle and light.

Use these tutorials as basic beginnings and let your creativity take you in any way you like. Seasons greetings and happy holidays!