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Arts Council of Fayetteville|Cumberland County awards $21,575 in Artist Support Grants

A total of 35 artists across five counties requested grant support in 2023.


The Arts Council of Fayetteville|Cumberland County has awarded $21,575 in funding in 2023 to individual artists for new works and professional development in 2024 as part of the Artist Support Grant program with the North Carolina Arts Council.

A total of 12 artists were awarded $21,575 following the submission of their applications and an extensive review process, which considered more than $69,000 in requests from 35 artists across five counties.

The Artist Support Grant was developed by the North Carolina Arts Council during the Covid-19 pandemic and maintains a mission of providing direct support to emerging and established artists for the creation of new works and professional development. The Artist Support Grant is funded by the North Carolina Arts Council. 

The Arts Council does not limit this annual grant opportunity to Cumberland County artists. It also manages the grant initiative on behalf of the Robeson County Arts Council, Sampson County Arts Council and Scotland County Arts Council/Storytelling Center of the Southeast; residents of Hoke County are also eligible.

“We believe in the power of individual artists to shape our cultural scene. This important statewide initiative not only helps artists during times of creation, but also highlights how funding can make a big difference in each arts community,” said Michael Curtis Houck, the Arts Council’s Director of Grants and Allocations. 

“Investing in the ideas of individual artists to create works within their communities across the state means we’re building a more robust and vibrant arts scene for all of North Carolina,” Houck emphasized.

The Arts Council awarded an Artist Support Grant to the following 12 artists, who represented a total of six artistic disciplines:

  • Miranda Ackerly — Craft: Professional development through travel to a national conference and investment in a digital artist portfolio.
  • Anthony Aycock — Writing: Editing and release of non-fiction work investigation the Supreme Court banned book case, "Island Trees v. Pico."
  • Robert Baker — Visual Arts: Investment in equipment for the development of an artist portfolio.
  • Wendy Bethea — Writing: Development of a poetry manuscript on the subject of "Empty Nest Syndrome."
  • Kadeem Booth — Visual Arts: Investment in upgraded photography equipment in anticipation of a solo exhibit in 2024.
  • Devorah Buntrock — Visual Arts: Investment in material to complete a new sculpture series in anticipation of a solo exhibit in 2024.
  • Carlos Castilla — Music: Production of an album of classical guitar music by Hispanic composers to be released in 2024.
  • Linda Flynn — Theater: Professional development through vocal and movement classes.
  • Raul Rubiera — Film: Investment in equipment for real-time visual effect processing.
  • Raul R. Rubiera — Visual Arts: Investment in equipment for exploratory work in 3D printing.
  • Irina Shin-Geller — Visual Arts: Development of collage and Hanji work in anticipation of a solo exhibit in 2024.
  • Amanda Virelles — Music: Produce a two-hands piano concert set to be recorded and released as an album in 2024.

Note the next Artist Support Grant cycle will open in August 2024 for projects in 2025. For more information about the Arts Council grants and subsidy programs, visit theartscouncil.com/grants or email Michael Houck, Director of Grants and Allocations, at michaelh@theartscouncil.com.

For regular updates on the Arts Council, follow this organization with the handle of @artscouncilfay on Facebook, Instagram, X, formerly known as Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or YouTube.

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