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Bailey The Builder


He's the Head Pooch In Charge at H&H Homes

By: Miriam Landru

7-year-old Toy Poodle Bailey is not only Linda Huff's furry friend and constant companion, "He loves to go wherever I go," she says. He's also a constant fixture around the Huff family's successful building and contracting business, H&H Homes.

When Bailey arrives each morning at H&H, he proudly prances into every employee's office to say "Good Morning" to them in his own way. It's obvious that this precious pup helps lift up the mood of the entire staff. "One time an employee was having a particularly awful day. She told me that Bailey came in and sat with her for the longest time. He knew that she needed company!" Linda emphasized. In fact, there have been various studies administered which prove having animals at work are instant feeling boosters!

The champagne-colored canine may look pampered, thanks to his weekly visits to the groomer, but he's not afraid to get his paws dirty. "Bailey always accompanies me to construction sites when we are building homes. He will actually run in the unfinished home to check things out, to make sure the work is going smoothly I guess," chuckles Linda. "Some guys even found a dog-size hardhat, just for him."

Bailey can definitely be called a "builder" as well. He builds relationships between the Huff Family and the staff-whether in the office or work site. He is also described as being a "muse" at H&H Homes. Many people who come into contact with this special four-legged friend say, "If I were to come back in another life, I'd come back as Bailey


  • Treats
  • Wendy's Burger (just the bun and meat)
  • The Beach
  • Being with Linda
  • Traveling (Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!)
  • Hanging out at H&H Homes