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Binge Watching


By Miriam Landru

Now you have the prime opportunity to be in front of the television for eight (or more) hours wrapping up the second season of Breaking Bad with some fresh delivered pizza.

“Binge Watching” can happen in many scenarios. A soldier could be returning from deployment and want to catch up on their favorite episodes or a harried workaholic may just decide to unwind on the couch for 12 hours when that elusive “free time” is finally found and watch a marathon of Beverly Hills 90210.

I am an avid binge watcher when I do have a few hours. Shows that I enjoy binging on include: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Ray Donovan and Gotham. Here are CityView’s top staff picks for “binge watching.”

Ashlee Cleveland,
General Manager

Binge watching is the best! No commercials, no waiting week to week (or season to season) to finish a series… but it always leads to staying up way past your bedtime because it’s so easy to push that “next episode” button. LOST was my favorite binge watch show. It was much easier to follow the story line and remember important details AND with over 90 hours to watch, it helped pass the time during one of my husband’s deployments.

Wendy Turner,
Marketing Assistant

Ok, I am not a big “binge” watcher…EXCEPT for…90210 the original series.  I have been known in the past to spend a Saturday watching the original 90210. I like seasons six through 10. I could watch these episodes again and again! I love it.

Annette Winter, Art Director

The Tudors is my all time favorite binge watch - have seen it through three times. The cinematography, the costumes and performance of Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the maniacal monarch provide hours of riveting historical drama. (If only history were taught this way in school I would have gotten better grades!)

Marshall Waren, Publisher

Most of my television viewing is what you could call “binge watching.” I DVR all our regular programs and watch them in one seating. When I first discovered Breaking Bad, it was in the third season so I went on Netflix and watched the first two seasons in about two days. Also the made for Netflix shows like House of Cards and Peaky Blinders I watched in a day or two.

Julie Donahue,
Account Executive

I haven't seen Game of Thrones yet, but I really want to binge on it. I hear it's fantastic.

David McRae, Distribution

I do not binge, but my favorite show was The A-Team. Even though a lot of action was going on no one was killed.

Candace Williams,
Account Executive

My favorite “binge watching” fix is 24. Although it has been going on for a number of years, I saw it for the first time last spring and was so hooked I had to go out and buy all seven years of the show so I could watch it from the beginning. The writing is brilliant and keeps one hanging on in suspense of what is going to happen next.

Ann Shaw, Account Executive

I became addicted to “binge watching” shortly after my divorce. I found myself home alone every other weekend and with lots of extra time on my hands. I choose the Battlestar Galactica series as my first series from a friend’s DVD library. I only took seasons one and two but a few days later, I was asking for seasons three & four. After that, I was hooked and subscribed to Netflix and it was “on like donkey kong!”

Robin Wiggs,
Account Executive

After hearing rave reviews about the British drama series Downton Abbey during its first two seasons, I decided it was time to “catch up” before season three began…so I headed to the beach for a long weekend with a friend and binged on seasons one and two.  It did not take long to become hooked and watching with no interruptions was a terrific way to follow the story lines!

Suzanne Dudley,
Account Executive

Binge watching for me, along with my family, would be a couple of episodes of Doctor Who especially during the holidays. Once we caught up on those we started watching Merlin. After a five year run, the BBC is ending this series during Christmas with a two-part series finale. Guess we’ll have to move on to something else! Any suggestions?.