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Build a Better Haymount


Build a Better Block was a demonstration project to recreate the Haymount area for half a day to show what the streetscape could look like if it was more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly. The streetscape was transformed by narrowing traffic lanes, widening sidewalks and adding bike lanes, crosswalks, benches, plazas and more. There was music, art, food, and pop-up booths.

The purpose of the project was to revitalize the area, test ideas for the future, increase pedestrian safety, engage the community, and boost the economy. Fayetteville is a perfect place for a Better Block project especially considering that out of the 141 cities in the country with a population greater than 200,000, Fayetteville ranks last in walkability (source: Walk Score). The demand to be able to get around on foot and by bicycle is there but people feel especially unsafe doing so. Haymount was chosen because downtown is already undergoing many improvements and the host to an abundance of events. Haymount on the other hand is underutilized asset with an active and engaged community and could serve as a key future connector between downtown and the shopping centers. In other words, it has potential.