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Chopin Recital preview on Youtube

A couple days left to my first all-Chopin performance, I continue to marvel at the endless bounty of Chopin's meandering melodies.

Perhaps only in Mozart can one find single melodies that soar for minutes on end. The difference in Chopin, besides the exotic colors and unchecked romanticism, is that they span the entire length of the keyboard, as if a single voice contained 88 lush tones.

Here's a preview of some of the selections on the program that I've uploaded to Youtube this week from my practice room (click to view):

Minute Waltz

Aeolian Harp Etude

Raindrop Prelude

Mazurka in A minor

I don't believe there are any seats left for this Friday (June 22), but there should still be some left for the performance at Belle Meade on Tues June 26, 3pm. Scroll down to find reservation info.

See you there!

David Michael Wolff