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CityArts: Victor Smalley of Dance Moms Miami Visits Local Studio

25-year-old professional dancer, studio owner and reality star, Victor Smalley taught a workshop last Friday at Cumberland Dance Academy's fabulous new location off Legion Road.

I sat down with him for a a quick Q&A and was charmed by Victor's passion for dance, sense of style and quick wit.

Expect him back in North Carolina soon... He loves it here!

Why are you here today at CDA?

Victor: I am here to inspire some kids, share my art of movement and make them see dance in a different way.

I am gonna teach them some dance combinations… but I am not here to teach them technique. I am here to spark the fire that may be inside of them. Every dancer sometimes starts off strong… then they have a weak day and they think what am I doing should I be doing something else? So, I am here to inspire them and remind them why they love dance.

What age dancers do you feel more of a connection with?

Victor: I can connect with everyone… but if I had to pick an age definitely the older ones. They’re not adults, but they are on their way. I started dancing at 15 so I really connect with that age. People start dancing at 20 and become professional dancers… it’s crazy. But once you realize how late it was… you wish you started dancing at two.

What type of dancer are you?

Victor: Contemporary. But, I will take any dance class.

What's your favorite music to use for dancing or choreographing?

Victor: I love music that makes you feel like Sigur Ros. Songs that just give you chills. When you add dance to it, it’s so powerful.

How was your experience doing a reality show, Dance Moms: Miami?

It was my second show because I was on So You Think You Can Dance? first. They were different because the first one was a competition. Dance Moms was a serious, real reality show. It took me for a spin. You’re under the microscope with your business, with your kids. And everyone is judging you. You want to make sure you are doing the right thing at all times and sometimes you stumble and fall… but it’s okay. Because you rise above it and you learn from those mistakes. There’s beauty in success, but with success you need failure so people can see that growth. I feld during that show there was a lot of stumbling, rising and falling and picking yourself up. At the end, we all ended up where we needed to be and I have no regrets.

Can you see yourself doing another reality show?

Victor: Yes, but not like Dance Moms. It was hard doing one with little kids, parents, your business.  It gets tangled. It was fun, but I wouldn’t want to do it again.

Have you been to North Carolina before?

Victor: I LOVE it here. I am so happy to be here right now. The weather is nice. Everyone wants to go to Miami to be in the heat, and I want to get out to be in the snow… because you can accessorize more!

To bring Victor to your studio, call Reg Talent Network at 978.273.7475