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CityGive: Maggie Lee 4 Good Costume Fun Run in Honor of Emmi Barbaro


Last year, the Barbaro family endured tragedy because of the accidental death of their beloved and precious daughter, Emmi. Though I never met Emmi, I have learned through friends about her infectious sweet spirit and enthusiasm and joy for life and the Lord.

I have also learned that Emmi was an extremely active child accomplishing athletic feats that most adults dare to dream of doing… like triathlons and running.

She was an inspiration.

This year’s Maggie Lee For Good “Costume Fun Run” will take place this Sunday, October 27th at 2:00 p.m.

It is dedicated to Emmi Barbaro.

If you’re wondering who exactly “Maggie Lee” is, she’s not a local girl… but her life touched local lives just as Emmi’s did.

Jessie Keener, a junior at Fayetteville Academy, met Maggie Lee on a youth mission trip and they developed a close friendship rooted in their love of life and the kindness each possessed. Maggie Lee hailed from Shreveport, Louisiana and died tragically en route to church camp in a bus accident.

Because of her friendship with Maggie Lee, Jessie started the “Costume Fun Run” four years ago as a way to celebrate both girls love of life and fun.

Jessie served as a mentor and soccer coach to Emmi.

“Emmi lived with love, passion and a vigor for life. She embodied the ML4G motto "one day, one deed, one difference," said Jessie.

The "Fun Run" will be held October 27th, 2:00 p.m. at Fayetteville Academy. Donations collected from the run will be given to North Carolina Organ Donor Services. Maggie Lee was an organ donor.

October 29th is Maggie Lee For Good Day. I urge you celebrate her life and the life you have been given by completing one good deed on that day.

What good deed will you do?

And to read more about Maggie Lee’s story and “one day, one deed, one difference” visit http://www.maggieleeforgood.org