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CityView Family Summer 2015

            School is out and summer is in session! But here at CityView Family, our work never stops.

            This issue is all about summer fun and learning. Check out summer camps for your children to attend, day and overnight. Camps in the area range from sports to academics to art to theater. We guarantee there is a camp for your kid no matter the interest.

            And we are proud to introduce our new Teen Life writer, Grant Bennett. He’s a rising senior and scholar/athlete at Pine Forest High School. In this issue, he writes about how learning never stops. At 16, he realizes that getting into college has become more competitive than ever. He offers tips to help your child be more competitive, from a teen’s perspective.

            Flip through our pages and fine recipes for the most delicious smoothies, creative birthday parties for kids and a heartwarming story about how a young Fayetteville gent shares the special relationship he has with his grandmother on social media.

            Happy Summer!

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