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CityView on Camera

Our Associate Editor, Miriam Landru, had her own experience in our state’s movie and T.V. industry
several months ago while filming the first episode to the third season of Homeland. She was selected to play political aide to a senator during a scene depicting a senate hearing. She
spent 11-12 hours on set and many hours were spent just hanging around, snacking at the craft services.

“It was interesting to see just how many people were actually professionals in Charlotte, taking a day off to partake in the experience.” She shared, “One retired couple I met works nearly
every day on different film sets as extras. It’s their hobby!” Though Miriam enjoyed herself that day,
she missed everyone at the office. “Still, I wish I had someone to do my hair and make-up everyday
for work like I did for that scene… it was definitely a perk!”