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Editor’s Take

CityView working to tell Fayetteville’s story and keep you informed


CityView magazine and CityView’s news website are the perfect combination to keep Fayetteville residents informed about what’s going on in their community.

The monthly magazine tells the stories of everyday entrepreneurs, volunteers, artists and change-makers in stories and photographs that celebrate our neighbors. If you have read our magazine in the past six months, you know the stories of visionaries who have invested time and energy into reviving our downtown; of families who maintain their connections to their ancestral home of Greece; and of business owners who want to teach you how to make a charcuterie board to be proud of.

In our newsletter and on our website daily, you can keep tabs on how government officials are spending your tax dollars; how school leaders are shaping your children’s education; and when your neighbors are gathering for a festival or holiday celebration.

Our magazine is committed to entertaining and inspiring you; our news team is determined to hold public officials accountable and give you the information you need.

At CityView, we want to be responsive to our readers and our community. That means covering the stories and tracking the news that is most relevant and meaningful to you, your family and your future. That is especially true when it comes to segments of the community that may not have always had an equal voice at the table.

As part of that commitment, CityView will extend its outreach to and coverage of Fayetteville’s military community. Fort Liberty is the largest military installation by population in the world, with about 53,000 service members and 14,000 civilians who call the area home.

More than 128,000 military retirees and their families also live in the area.

CityView wants to reflect that diversity in our community and connect with our neighbors who add richness to our hometown and bring new perspectives and opportunities.

At the same time, we want to give you access to the information you need about essential services such as housing, health care and education. That includes HomeFront, a new segment of the CityView website devoted to news and information to inform military families and help them navigate life and become engaged in the Fayetteville community.

We are adding news staff to allow us to more closely cover the military community, including a family columnist who can share the perspective of someone who knows first-hand about the challenges and the opportunities of a life with those who serve.

And we want to hear from you. Email us at cityview@cityview.com with your feedback on what you need from a news source, what you want to learn about your community and where we can fill in the gaps of understanding.