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CityView's New Year's Resolutions

I decided right before Christmas that it would be fun to ask co-workers what their resolutions are for 2014. Because of our staff's unique personalities, I received an interesting and thoughtful array of answers. Some are long. Some are short. But, all are great resolutions worth sharing.

So, here they are!

Marshall Waren, Publisher- "I'd like to do a better job of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unsaved."

Ashlee Cleveland, General Manager- "To run more. I started running in 2012 as a way to bond with my husband and as a way to relieve stress. I started with the couch to 5K program and have since run numerous 5K races and a 10K trail run. In 2014 my goal is to run the Rock and Roll half-marathon in Raleigh (in April) alongside my hubby! Let the training begin!"

Sandee Waren, Managing Editor- "To be on time for scheduled events."

Kelly Twedell, Features Editor- "Everyone I know who makes resolutions rushes to check them off in November. I live one day at a time and do things that make me happy and avoid beating myself up in December for unmet goals."

Jennifer Lyden, Administrative and Sales Assistant- "My New Years Resolution is to continue to address my diabetes, while not focusing my life on the fact that I have diabetes. I want to continue to lose the weight I set out to lose with all the patience I have needed over the last year and half to get as far as I have. I want to do another 5K this year and hope my family will train with me."

Al Munoz, Delivery Driver- "Be good to other people and stay healthy."
Annette Winter, Art Director- "To maintain my 100 mile distance from the office... (Maybe that doesn't sound too good?)"

Julie Donahue, Account Executive- "I'm keeping my "Blessing Bowl" going for 2014. Every day I enter my home, I write down one thing I'm blessed with & place it in the bowl, even on a bad day. I realize the many blessings surrounding me daily and it's enlightening. I'm also taking a step forward to fitness strength, a strong body equals a strong mind! Happy New Year Everyone!!!"

Suzanne Dudley, Account Executive- "My resolution is to get my "exercise game on" and spend more time at the beach!"

Ann Shaw, Account Executive- "Discipline. To be more disciplined in all that I do."

Ginna Van Zandt, Account Executive- "Take more pictures of everyday life. Happy New Year!"

Robin Wiggs, Account Executive- "My resolution is to make as many trips to the beach as possible in the New Year! Now that's a resolution to keep!"

Finally, MY
 is to bring you more great blogs in 2014 and to be a positive influence for others.

Happy New Year!