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Cool off with a sweet frozen treat downtown


Located in a quaint spot in downtown Fayetteville, Turner Lane’s tagline states that they offer “a taste of the South,” and what better way to represent the South than with a cold drink and a nice place to sit on a hot summer’s day?

Recently, the gift shop has started selling muscadine cider slushies that feature their own custom-made muscadine cider. These slushies can either be enjoyed inside, while looking around at the various different home décor items, knick-knacks and gifts that Turner Lane has to offer, or outside in one of the chairs that sits near the entryway of the shop. Once you’ve finished your slushy, if you enjoyed it, the store also offers the opportunity for you to make your very own at home, anytime that you want – all you have to do is purchase their muscadine cider. Turner Lane has a machine for their slushies, but you can make yours at home in your own freezer.

Additionally, although the slushies are delicious, the store also offers various other locally made cooking essentials, just in case you aren’t thirsty when you choose to stop. These products include honey, balsamic vinegar, barbecue sauce.

North Carolina Muscadine Slushie Recipe

3 parts Turner Lane Muscadine Cider

Mix with 1 part alcohol of choice (We suggest rose or chardonnay wine, vodka or gin

Freeze and enjoy

By Emerson Jackson