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Cumberland County animal shelter reinstates regular hours and services


Cumberland County Animal Services is reinstating regular hours and services after temporarily closing last week because of staff shortages related to COVID-19 and vacancies.

The return to regular hours starts today, officials said in a news release.

Animal Services is still operating under a reduced capacity for field services until further notice. Non-emergency requests for service will be handled as officers are available, the release said.  

“We are doing our very best to provide all necessary services to the residents of Cumberland County,” Animal Services Director Elaine Smith said in the release. “We will continue to prioritize the safety of Cumberland County residents and the animals in our care.”

The department temporarily closed the shelter to the public for adoptions on Jan. 3 because of staffing shortages from COVID-19 exposures and position vacancies.

Smith said that at its peak, the department had 15 people out for COVID or other medical reasons. That was on top of 12 vacancies, she said. The two combined amount to half of the department’s 54 positions.