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Cumberland County Government


At a glance:
• Cumberland is the fifth-largest county in North Carolina with a population of about 335,000.
• It is home to nine municipalities: Fayetteville, Eastover, Falcon, Godwin, Hope Mills, Linden, Spring Lake, Stedman and Wade.
• It was named after the Duke of Cumberland, William Augustus, who commanded the English Army.
• It’s a diverse county with a population of 43% white, 36% Black and 12% Hispanic.

The Cumberland County Board of Commissioners has seven members who are elected to four-year terms. Two members are elected from District 1, three members are elected from District 2 and two members are elected at large. The terms are staggered, and the members elect the chairman and vice chairman annually.

The District 1 seats and the at-large seats are up for election in 2022.

Glenn Adams, chairman, District 1, 910-223-1400, gadams@co.cumberland.nc.us

Toni Stewart, vice chairwoman, District 2, 910-476-4444, tstewart@co.cumberland.nc.us

Michael Boose, District 2, 910-860-3889, mboose@co.cumberland.nc.us

Jeannette Council, District 1, 910-488-0691, jcouncil@co.cumberland.nc.us

Charles Evans, at large, 910-978-6643, cevans@co.cumberland.nc.us

Jimmy Keefe, District 2, 910-323-1791, jkeefe@co.cumberland.nc.us

Larry Lancaster, at large, 910-484-2774, llancaster@co.cumberland.nc.us

Amy Cannon, county manager, 910-678-7723, acannon@co.cumberland.nc.us

Ennis Wright, sheriff, 910-323-1500, ewright@co.cumberland.nc.us

Cumberland County government
117 Dick St., Fayetteville, NC 28301
Phone: 910-678-7771

Cumberland County Government