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cvToday Is Heading Your Way


By Bill Kirby Jr.

            You’ve come to know us for our colorful and glossy CityView magazine covers and pages and our stories on people of this community, be it someone making a difference in helping others with simple acts of kindness, or a unique business, holiday decorations, a recipe idea, historical memories of long ago or how we’ve coped with a health pandemic for the past 18 months.

           We’re not going anywhere.

            Already, editor Kim Hasty and her team of writers and photographers are hard at work putting together our December publication that will have you in the spirit of the holiday season, and I hope you’ll enjoy my column on the late Larry Cheek, who became an icon as a newspaper columnist in our community for almost three decades.

            CityView Media, aside from our monthly magazine, is about to become something more with the announcement Nov. 12 by publisher Tony Chavonne that the launch of a news division is heading our community’s way.

Lorry Williams

            “We are excited about the launch of cvTODAY and the team of professional journalists who will help provide more local news coverage,” Chavonne says in announcing that Lorry Williams, former executive editor of The Fayetteville Observer, will head up cvTODAY as editor of the daily digital publication. “This initiative will help combat the growing news deserts in our community and help ensure transparency and openness in our local government.”

            You read Chavonne’s words right.

            Our plan is to not only be on site for meetings of the Fayetteville City Council, but when there is a call, the Spring Lake Board of Aldermen, the Hope Mills Board of Town Commissioners, the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners and the Cumberland County Board of Education. And you will be reading about actions and decisions in cvTODAY digital newsletters, and in timely fashion.

Greg Barnes

            We’re not just going to report on meetings. We’re going to ask questions of government leaders to include follow-up reports and offer perspectives on how governmental decisions will affect this and other communities.

Veteran Reporter, Too

Call it a tall order.

We’re still crossing t’s and dotting i’s for you and putting journalists and aspiring journalists in place. And among those veteran reporters is Greg Barnes, an award-winning investigative journalist who is working with cvTODAY to investigate former City Councilwoman Tisha Waddell’s scathing rebuke of Mayor Mitch Colvin and other council members about how a potential takeover of the Fayetteville PWC unfolded and other allegations.


This is your community.

            This is our community, and cvTODAY plans to be a part of it.

            Our news stories will be available on our cvTODAY website and distributed daily through digital newsletters. More details on the cvTODAY website and subscription information will be announced soon. If you would like to receive your copy of cvTODAY, simply send your contact information to news@cvTODAY.info.

                         We’re cvTODAY, and we’re heading your way.

            Bill Kirby Jr. can be reached at bkirby@cityviewnc.com, billkirby49@gmail.com or 910-624-1961