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DestinationFAY: Shopping


Besides the centerpiece Cross Creek Mall, perhaps the most attractive part of the city for shoppers lies along the Skibo Road retail corridor. This fast-growing commercial retail sector serves as home to, among others, Cross Creek Plaza, Cross Pointe Center, Skibo Marketplace, Fayetteville Pavilion, the Marketfair Shopping Center and Freedom Town Center.

A 49-acre shopping pavilion, the Freedom Town Center, has continued to add stores, restaurants and businesses over the years at the corner of Skibo and Cliffdale roads.
“It’s a new spot. A lot of selections to choose from,” Rafael Llamas, the 21-year-old manager of Fabe’s Charcoal Roasting Co., said of the sprawling shopping complex. “Great service. The environment is nice, and there’s delicious food.” The center, which first opened in September 2017, is home to a strong selection of shops, including Dick’s, Field &
Stream, Cost Plus World Market and Sprouts Farmers Market. The roadways and parking lot areas off the primary Freedom Parkway Drive can be a little tricky, so take your time and
drive carefully. The Freedom Town Center is at 2712 Freedom Parkway Drive.