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Downtown Picnic


For Jen and James Bordelon, just about every day is a picnic that takes place right outside their backdoor. The young couple live in a downtown loft apartment and regularly head out with sons Theo, 3, and Fitz, 5 months, in tow. Well, Theo isn’t exactly in tow. Rather, he’s ahead of everyone else, zipping along on his speedy scooter on a path that winds through Cross Creek Linear Park. It’s a scenic trail filled with bridges, fountains and lush trees punctuated by the tranquil waters of Cross Creek.

“People say to us all the time that they never knew all this was here,” Jen said.

The family often picks up a take-out meal from one of the downtown restaurants. On one recent afternoon, they sat up a picnic at Festival Park with chicken salad wraps and turkey-feta wraps from New Deli, at 2153 Valleygate Dr. off Robeson St.

“It’s like having a three-acre playground,” Jen said.