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EbenConcepts is a privately owned consulting and brokerage firm established in 1999. Over the last decade they have established themselves as the “we do the work” company for simplified employee benefit administration and human resources compliance.

Today EbenConcepts has offices throughout the United States including, California, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, four offices in Texas, and seven offices in North Carolina and headquartered in Fayetteville, NC

From these offices, EbenConcepts serve employers and their employees all over the country. No matter where you’re located, Ebenconcepts’ expertise is never far away.

Whether your business is an aggressively growing, high-tech start-up or a multi-state manufacturing company, EbenConcepts can create custom benefit and payroll programs to match your specific needs and growth projections.

They understand that as companies grow, the diversification of employee needs becomes overwhelming and a substantial management challenge.

Let one of the Ebenconcepts consultants perform our time and motion study so we can help you meet your business objectives today.

Learn more about EbenConcepts on their CityView BusinessDirectory or call them at (910) 323-0290